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Landlocked in the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy with 626,000 inhabitants (with 48% foreigners), more than 170 nationalities and a country size of 2 586 km². The country’s capital is also called “Luxembourg”. 

Luxembourg has a thriving economy with the highest level of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the world and is further renowned for its standard of living. Moreover, Luxembourg has consistently ranked in the TOP 25 for competitiveness globally (WEF, IMD, European Commission, etc.).


The event will take place at:
LuxExpo the Box 10, Circuit de la Foire Internationale
 L-1347 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Please use the North entrance, which is also the main entrance.

There are parking spots available and you can easily reach the venue by public transport (see section below).


Once you arrive at the location, you will be received at the Welcome Desk where you can collect your badge. You have the possibility to deposit your jacket and personal items during the event at the nearby cloakroom. 

Please note: you have to register for the event prior to your arrival in order to have access to the venue. To do so, please follow the instructions in the invitation mail.

Public transport and taxi services

Since 1st March 2020, public transport in Luxembourg is free of charge throughout the entire country and for all modes of transport - tram, trains and buses. 

The most reliable information on the route network and timetables can be found on It is recommended to download the mobile application, which allows easy journey planning. It is available for free in the App Store as well as on Google Play


Event participants are responsible for organizing their own visa arrangements.
EU passports: Please note that citizens and residents of the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) as well as Switzerland do not require a visa to travel to Luxembourg. 

Schengen Visa: All other participants require a visa. The Schengen Visa is a short period visa (max. 90 days), which can be issued by the Luxembourgish Embassy/Consulate in the country of residence. If there is no Luxembourgish Consulate/Embassy in your country of residence, it is advised to check other Consulates/Embassies accredited to process your request. 

Please note: you cannot obtain a visa upon your arrival in Luxembourg. More information is available here. In need of assistance, please contact:

For further travel advice within the European Union, please consult the following webpage: Your Europe
Given the size of the country of Luxembourg, there is only one airport. The international airport Luxembourg is situated only 6 km from the city centre and it is linked to the main European cities by many direct flights a day. Furthermore, Luxembourg-city is within short distance to other major airports in the neighbouring countries, which are connected by bus and train.

 Luxembourg is well connected to other European countries by a multitude of international railway options. The capital city is linked to the TGV (SNCF) (FRA), the ICE network (DEU) and the SNCB network (BEL). All train tickets can be purchased online. Please note that trains are free of charge within Luxembourg and paid tickets are priced until reaching the national border.

The central train station of Luxembourg is in 20 minutes walking distance from the city centre. Another option is to take the Tram (stops at the main entrance) to the City Centre and the area of Kirchberg (direct line). 

Main connections are:

  • Paris-Luxembourg via TGV 
  • Strasbourg-Luxembourg
  • Metz-Luxembourg
  • Trier-Luxembourg 
  • Cologne-Luxembourg 
  • Koblenz-Luxembourg
  • Brussels-Luxembourg 
  • Liège-Luxembourg
  • Basel-Luxembourg
Please be aware that tickets for TGV and ICE must be booked in advance, as there is no free seating. In many cases these train tickets are personal and can only be exchanged under certain conditions. It is advised to carefully read the purchase policy. Optionally, some tickets can be purchased directly in the train. These are at least 10% more expensive and the risk remains that the train cannot take you on its journey due to limited capacity – in that case you will be asked to get off at the next station. Therefore, buying tickets inside the train is not recommended.

Besides the main connection options, there is another train station in France for TGV: Gare Lorraine TGV. This station is about 90 km from Luxembourg (2hrs by public transport). Every day, the Lorraine Express buses connect per direct line the TGV station with Luxembourg central station. Seats must be booked in advance. Please check the website of the Société nationale des chemins de fer luxembourgeois (CFL) for further information.
 Luxembourg disposes of an excellent network of highways. The capital city is directly linked to Trier and Cologne (A1), Thionville, Metz and Strasbourg (A3), Brussels (A6) and Saarbrücken (A13).
LuxExpo is located just 200m from the highway exit.
 The majority of the health measures in relation to COVID-19 are revoked in Luxembourg. However, we encourage you to check the requirements of your country of departure and with your airline if flying. 
Rules regarding travel to Luxembourg can be checked here.

Practical information 

Luxembourg has been one of the first European Union member states to have adopted the EURO in 1999 (introduced in January 2002). As a member of the Eurozone, the EURO is the sole currency in the country and Economic and Monetary Union policies are fully implemented.

Money exchange
Be aware that there is no exchange bureau at the airport or in the city. Upon arrival at the International Airport Luxembourg it is possible to use the ATM located in terminal A, besides the Press & Books store. 
In any other case it is recommended procuring Euro notes before your arrival to Luxembourg or to withdraw cash at the ATMs.
Please note: Most credit cards are accepted everywhere. In case of doubt, make sure to ask if your foreign credit card is accepted prior buying something and inform your bank about your travels.

The most common banks in Luxembourg are SpuerkeesBGL BNP ParibasRaiffeisenBIL and ING. Click on the link to find your closest ATM.

For EU citizens, please bring along your European Health Insurance Card.
 For non-EU citizens, please make sure you are insured during your stay. 

  • Hôpital Kirchberg - 9 Rue Edward Steichen 2540 Luxembourg +352 24 681
  • Center: Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg4 Rue Nicolas Ernest Barblé 1210 Luxembourg +352 44 11 11
Pharmacies "APDIKT"
  • Meda Pharma - 43 Av. John F. Kennedy
  • SciPharm - 26-28 Rue Edward Steichen
  • Pharmacie des Capucins - 3 Rue des Capucins
  • Pharmacie Goedert - 32 Grand-Rue
  • Pharmacie Lugen - 18 Av. de la Gare
  • Liberty Pharma - 28 Pl. de la Gare
On duty pharmacies: click here

Emergency Numbers 
  • General emergency service: 112
  •  Police: 113
Luxembourg is a resolutely multilingual environment: the majority of Luxembourgers speak four languages and the rate of foreign residents almost reaches 50% of the total population.

 The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of those rare countries in the world where several languages are spoken and written throughout its territory and in different spheres of life – private, professional, social, cultural and political. Luxembourgish, German and French are spoken on a daily basis alongside the languages of the 170 nationalities living in the Grand Duchy, in particular Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.
 June, the first month of the summer in Luxembourg City, is an agreeable month, with an average temperature fluctuating between 13°C and 23°C. Even though it can already be very warm and sunny, it is still advisable to be prepared for chilly weather or rain.
In the City Centre, there is a public Wi-Fi network which can be used for free after signing up. At LuxExpo, there will be free Wi-Fi available.
While tipping is not mandatory in Luxembourg, it is generally appreciated for good service. In restaurants, the bill may already include a service charge. However, it is customary to round up the total or leave a small additional amount for the waiter or waitress.

Luxembourg is a secular State. Article 19 of the Luxembourg Constitution guarantees the freedom of worship and public practice of religion, as well as the freedom of expression of religious beliefs. While the majority of Luxembourg's population adheres to forms of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and other non-Christian religions are also represented.

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